Local Food Challenge…The Wild Card Confessions

It’s the halfway point of our Local Food Challenge and time to check in: How are we doing? What are our challenges? And who’s confessing to wild cards?

Heather: All I have to say is Murphy’s Law…It’s Sunday, the first day of our Local Food Challenge and I’ve never had so many delicious non-local food offers in one day. What are the chances? I was offered a coffee date, those scrumptious buckwheat crepes at the Farmer’s Market, freshly baked whole grain homemade bread (it looked so fluffy and delicious), refreshing home-brewed iced tea (with fresh lemon and mint) and delectable good quality dark chocolate. It was so hard to say ‘no thanks’.

Desiree: Sunday was a lesson in considered eating. I woke up, sleepy and desperately wanted coffee. No dice…chugged back plain water instead. Then we headed to our parents’ house for breakfast and I refused all but the eggs (cooked in butter!) and some berries. However, Sunday was also the day that I found a bunch of things I hadn’t had time to pick up yet from the Ladner Village market: okanagan vinegar, hazelnuts (and hazelnut protein powder!) and Farmhouse cheese from Agassiz and 100 mile bread from Bread Affair. I took that back to the house and it became lunch.

Heather: Monday morning, I wanted coffee. I was up later than usual on Sunday night, which made for a sluggish Monday morning. I packed my coffee mug as usual and was looking forward to that smooth cup of Joe when I remembered – no coffee this week. Darn! So, I stuffed my face with fresh blueberries hoping those brain-boosting antioxidants would wake me up.

Desiree: For me it was Tuesday. I fell into the reward trap: “I have been good for two days, I deserve a little coffee…”. If I could make it two days, I didn’t need it. But I drank it. And it was good. But I didn’t have any today.

Heather: Managing the hunger grumbles is probably the toughest challenge this week. Without those high fibre whole grains, chickpeas and black beans to fill me up and keep me satisfied, I’m definately hungrier and eating more often throughout the day. I think we’ve both had to pack more lunch to fill us up. We’ll have to save some local wheat berries for this challenge next year.

Desiree: And it just reinforces, you have to plan ahead! I didn’t do a great job grocery shopping on Sunday night and so tonight, the only meal option I have in my fridge is some grilled veggies. I am even out of cheese. Going to have to stop at the store after my little guy is asleep. And I really miss beans and grains. I don’t really eat a lot of bread usually and this week it has been all about bread…at least it’s really really good bread…

What wild cards?

Heather: Ok, I’ll confess. I love my olive oil in my salads, so that’s been my biggest wild card so far this week. On Tuesday, we were taste testing some new gluten-free cereals at work, so I also wild carded these few bites of cereal and almond milk.

Desiree: Besudes that one coffee, it has been oil. The local hazelnut oil is great for salads but I need something to cook with because I don’t like cooking everything in butter. But I have steered clear of spices, sugar (except for the little bit in our homemade jam…it’s easy when you aren’t drinking coffee or tea!) and grains. And then there is this morning! As I spread peanut butter and jam on my husband’s toast, I started smearing peanut butter on my local flour scones. Totally unintentional. I blame it squarely on lack of coffee!

If you have been doing the challenge, what has your week been like? Highs, lows…confessions? Let us know.

PS. This is a really fun week but the goal at the heart of it is fundraising for Growing Chefs BC. So if you are able, consider pledging us. We have upped the ante: if you donate $50, we will bake you cookies and if you donate $100, we will bake you a quinoa carrot cake or design 5 custom recipes for you to help you and your family eat better too!


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