The Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge

Food geeks that we are, Heather and I are always up for a challenge. So hot off the heels of our August 100 Mile Diet challenge we decided to sign up for the Food Network Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge! We have pledged to bring our lunch to work all September long and we will be sharing our tips, tricks and recipes with you here.

We must admit that this one is a bit of a slam dunk for us in comparison to eating a strictly local diet. Both Heather and I are pretty committed to bringing our lunch everyday; packing your lunch is not only cheaper but it gives you control over what you are eating (and therefore, your health!). We are excited to share all of our ideas for how to make lunch a la sac delicious and interesting.

Be sure to keep up with the Healthy Eats blog too. The Healthy Eats dietitians will be blogging about the challenge and they will even have some giveaways, although they are only available for those of you stateside. Us Canucks will just have to take all the money we save brown baggin’ it and buy ourselves a treat!


2 thoughts on “The Healthy Eats Brown Bag Challenge

  1. That sounds so interesting. Do you think I can still join and where? I recently started healthier habits brown bagging my lunch and exercising. I’ve lost 12 lbs already and I feel great! Something like this can keep me accountable 🙂

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