February is Apple Month!

In February, eating local is no longer glamorous. Gone are the lazy days of nibbling as you U-Pick or eating your fill of seemingly endless local produce. You have got to be committed this time of year. Committed to trudging through the rain at the Winter Farmer’s Market. Committed to baking with your local wheat. However, thanks to the miracle of cold storage, most store shelves still offer at least one local staple: the humble (and delicious!) apple.  BC Tree Fruits is celebrating national apple month in February and so we wanted to celebrate by offering you a baker’s dozen of our favourite ways to eat apples.

1. Eaten as nature intended: rubbed on the sleeve and consumed with abandon.

2. Sliced and topped with a piece of organic, raw milk aged cheddar.

3. As part of a homey crumble.

4. To add a hint of sweetness to cabbage or Brussels sprouts.

5. Magically transformed into Desiree’s favourite cider.

6. Dipped into almond or peanut butter.

7. Baked into a decadent muffin.

8. As part of a cool weather take on panzanella.

9. Paired with fennel.

10. Cored and packed with cinnamon, maple syrup and walnuts and baked until ridiculous.

11. Layered with pesto, provolone and arugula on traditional rye bread.

12. Cooked down with some honey and cardamom and topped with greek yogurt.

13. Sliced thinly and topped with fig compote and chèvre.

Stay local…spring is just around the corner!


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