About Us

The Fresh Sheet is a blog devoted to all things local, healthy and delicious! The Fresh Sheet is written by Desiree Nielsen RD and Heather McColl RD, two Vancouver dietitians who believe that fresh, whole foods grown close to home are the key to living a happy and healthy life. Learn more about us below….

Desiree Nielsen BSc RD


Desiree Nielsen RDDesiree’s love of healthy eating began in her grandmother’s kitchen, where she learned how to create food from garden-grown ingredients from a very young age. A passionate advocate for holistic and integrative approaches to nutrition, Desiree began her career as nutrition manager for a small chain of organic and natural food stores. Desiree currently runs a successful private practice with a focus on digestive health and anti-inflammatory nutrition. A sought-after speaker, she travels throughout North America motivating others to make healthier choices every day with her practical, light-hearted approach. She is the Education Specialist for Bio-K+ probiotics and a regular feature in local and national media such as CBC News Now and Breakfast Television as well as Chatelaine and Fresh Juice magazines. Desiree’s first full-length nutrition guide, entitled Unjunk Your Diet, is set for release July 2014 by Skyhorse Publishing and will feature 50 recipes created by Heather and Desiree.

Heather McColl, BSc., RD

Heather’s passion for food and cooking began at a young age as she discovered a love for gardening, creating family traditions in the kitchen and exploring a variety of cultural foods. Her fondest memories are of food and family. Heather has vivid memories of her family’s weekly tradition of preparing pizza from scratch and the joys of creating a decorative gingerbread house every holiday season.

Heather is a Registered Dietitian passionate about re-kindling the pleasures of cooking and family meal gatherings. To further her culinary expertise, Heather completed her Chef’s training and has been cooking up a storm ever since. In her day to day work, Heather helps consumers find easy ways to make nutritious and tasty meals through recipe development, food styling, creative nutrition resources and marketing materials. Nutrition advice from Heather is always focused on the enjoyment of food; you’ll never get a ‘do not eat’ list from Heather. She is the co-author of two consumer friendly Save-On-Foods cookbooks and an editor and contributor for Dietitians of Canada cookbooks. You can see Heather’s practical meal solutions on Global TV Morning News and various other media.

What Heather enjoys most about contributing to the Fresh Sheet is being able to help people learn and appreciate healthy fresh food through the art of food styling and photography. As a budding photographer, Heather hopes you enjoy our tasty photographs and meal ideas on Fresh Sheet.

Want to chat with us? Email freshsheetnutrition@yahoo.com


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  9. Hi there,

    I wondered if it would be possible to use your lovely image of Gremolata for our blog (http://sophieconranblog.com/) where we will be talking about a Gremolata recipe. If so, we would love to link back to yours and will upload a credit for the photographer.

    Thanks so much and look forward to hearing from you!

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